Momos: The Tibetan miracle

Momos: The Tibetan miracle

This particular dish originates from Nepal and Tibe,t but it is believed that it has been actually originated from Tibet. This particular cuisine was introduced by the traders from Tibet and it was the Newar community in Nepal which first began preparing this dish. But some people argue that this dish has an Afghan legacy much later on the growth of the Tibetan eateries in this country resulted in a nationwide craze for this dish. It can be prepared in steamed form or can be fried and the dumplings are stuffed with non vegetarian or vegetarian fillings.

The journey -the developments

Now somehow you get very delicious preparation in Shillong and this development is brought by the Chinese community settled there. Chicken, beef and pork form the part of conventional filling. Later on various vegetables stuffing has become popular. It is very much preferred by the students. They find it very convenient to have quick snacks in the form of this dish. The soup which is served along is just stupendous. You will find that every prominent street corners of Kolkata are making lots of buck from their stalls. In Tibet it is considered as informal national dish and it has an adoring popularity in Bhutan also. Somehow the fillings have changed according to the taste of the people there. So the regional l developments of this dish present a really fascinating tale.

Craze among students

Some chefs are of the opinion that the preparation process of the dough is very important. The moment you think about momos recipe the wonderful taste of the dish will come to your mind. In places in this country you will find the students wafting in the queues to get their order processed. There are number of restaurants where the signature dishes have huge demand from the general public also. It is often used as starter before having Chinese cuisines. You will find in some restaurants stick to the traditional Tibetan recipe and it has fixed and elite clients. You will find the people quite disappointed if they do not find the name of the dish in the menu in any type of restaurants.

The quick culinary adaption

There is a particular vendor network that is working continuously to modify the taste with respect to the soup or the filling according to the changing tastes of the customers. In New Delhi, it was initially the Tibetan refugee community which began offering the dish from their road side stalls. Gradually the residents of the national capital developed liking and taste for this particular dish. Quite soon the sale first matched that of the local snacks and in some places it surpassed that. Today you do find multiple choices with relation to such dish. Initially, the low price range was another factor that the popularity spread like a wild fire.

The roadside boom

Today, you will find typical Indianite versions where different types of fillings are used. If you find the journey of this dish across the subcontinent you will find large vendors toady meet the needs of the popular road side stalls.

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