Keeping Drains Cleaned, But Naturally

Clogged drains are a headache and are quite troublesome, especially if you have guests coming over for dinner or even when doing your plates. A clogged drain Miami regurgitates muddy water mixed with food particles responsible for clogging it in the first place. The very first thing that might look suitable for you to do, would be to use up a toxic chemical to clean it up. But how-how about cleaning the drain in a natural process? Sounds a myth? Well, learn all about it here.

What causes the drain Miami to get clogged?

De-clogging a drain is merely impossible if you do not know the reasons that clogged it in the first place.

What causes clogging kitchen sink?

v     Fat, Grease and Oil

Fatty substances are one of the major causes of clogging your kitchen sink and slow down the draining process.  Fatty substances easily go down the drain in a liquid state, but while passing through the drain, the fat cools off and starts getting thicker until your drain is completely blocked or slowed.

v        Food particles

Large vegetable peels and food particles that get trapped in the curved pipe under the sink which is commonly known as p-trap is one more reason behind kitchen blogs.

Causes behind bathroom sink clog

v       Hair
Hair is the major cause of the clogging of a bathroom clog. The hair goes down the drain easily and gets accumulated inside the building of the pipe until the passage is blocked. These clogs generally happen beneath the drain.

v      Soap scum

Greasy residues of soap coat the insides of pipes and give rise to blockages. In few cases, the buildup of soap can get worse and can lead to the corrosion of pipes as well.

What is the right tool for a clog?

After you have successfully been able to find out about the reason behind the clogged drain Miami, four basic and standard tricks and tools shall help you unclog the drain and help you get rid of the debris sans the need of a plumber.

v   Salt and Hot Water
Salt and hot water are really useful in unclogging soap and grease clogged drains or pipes. You might want to try this on bathroom drains and kitchen with slowed-draining.

How can you use it?

Pour half cup of salt right down the drain that has been showing signs of slow movement. Thereafter heat about 2 liters of more ware and pour it down the drain and then flush it down with warm tap water. It would be requiring multiple rounds of hot water and salt.

v    Biological enzyme cleanser

Biological enzyme cleanser works miraculously on clogs; like soap, hair, and grease. You can try this on your bathroom drains, kitchen sinks and the septic system of your home. You can also use enzyme cleanser to keep your drains free of any odor and organic materials.

Why are biological cleansers useful?

Biological cleaners comprise of enzymes that eat up the organic material in the clog to unclog the drain Miami. You can use these cleansers for septic systems in your home as they do not harm the useful bacteria.

Now that you know about the cases and reasons behind the clogging of a drain Miami, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle for you to de-clog it and keep it clean always.

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