Integrating Instagram into the Design of Your Business Site for Effective Results

Research studies by top firms have shown that almost 40% of all people stop interacting with any website in case they feel that the layout of the website is not attractive. Many people also stop surfing through a site if it takes a longer time to load. Essentially, you must combine aesthetics with functionality as you try to create a good website design for your business. Users take a few seconds to judge how usable your website is and they form their opinions about that website based on this design only when they do not like the website they will not buy your products. Under these situations, you must think differently to make your web design. Incorporating Instagram with your web design can help to make your website get a better design. In this article, you will learn how to integrate your Instagram page in your web design efficiently.

Get inspired by Instagram

You can find a lot of different places to find inspiration for your website's design. You must stay ahead in your niche area. You will see your rivals up their games with really beautiful designs which mean you have to rethink your strategies also. A good design will also help to boost your SEO. Checking out Instagram for some help would do you good. Instagram as a social media platform has more than 800 million active users on a monthly basis.  Its popularity reflects how essentially influential Instagram can be. All major brands have profiles on Instagram for their followers. No matter how impressive your business may be your audience will not remain on your website if the design is bad. Sales figures will remain poor, and you will have bad conversion rates. Thus, you cannot simply look for increasing your Instagram followers to harness the potential of social platforms completely.

Some of the techniques you can follow to integrate Instagram in your web design are:

1.      Embed your Instagram account’s feed inside your web design

When you are embedding any feed on your website, you must then start to utilize the potential of Instagram fully. You can be able to do this with putting the feed under the fold in your website's homepage. When you put beautiful and amazing content, it will be instrumental in adding more variant colors on your page. A lot of users will be enticed to look for more about the account you have and will like to check your products out too. However, for this to happen to ensure that you use an Instagram based theme which will connect with your displayed products and the colors in your web design.

2.       Instagram Badges

One of the most significant and essential things which a lot of marketers must put into more use in their campaign designs is the principle of simplicity. Simplicity is sophistication and sophistication is simplicity: this is the basic idea behind the Instagram layout, and this is what your business's web design should try to aspire for. When you want to add some color on to your website, remember that you must not overdo it in any way and remember to not put similar graphics on your design from your profile on Instagram, keep the two distinctly separate during integration. You can try adding a simple Instagram badge anywhere in your web design. This will result in making users want to check your photos out, and then they will be easily directed towards your Instagram account with a simple click on that logo.

3.       Boost your posts

One of toughest industries in respect of the competition involved is that of the e-commerce businesses. Business owners must have access to all different kinds of tools and techniques at their disposal to help in driving traffic towards your website while also ensuring that they convert to good sales. You can integrate your Instagram with your website's design by just using a working link for your glorious landing page in your "About Me" section on your Instagram's profile page. The pictures displayed on your landing page must be able to make prospective customers easily learn about your products so that it increases the chances of them buying a product.

4.      Approach towards sales programs

You can enhance your sales revenues by also creating a specialized page with a clear-cut focus on sales programs. In these pages, when your users click on any Instagram photos they will get links to those specific products, and this would make it easy for them to purchase it. This strategy can help convince random users to become paying customers.
If you want to get more out of Instagram for your business purposes, then you must find ways to increase your real Instagram followers as the more people who follow your account, the more chances you have of marketing your products and getting good revenues.


Instagram has taken over the world of digital marketing company completely. Today business owners are simply publishing posts where they put pictures of their products on their Instagram pages and users, if they like what they see, order them online. Instagram offers your business to get discovered by a large worldwide audience. It helps to take your business from a local level to a larger international stage. The use of hashtags increases the chances of your products getting discovered by more people. Incorporating the features of Instagram into your web design will be an added boost for your digital marketing endeavors. Hopefully, this article would have given you some insight regarding how you can integrate Instagram with your business's website design.

Author bio: Walter Moore is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. With his articles, he shares essential tips for business branding with real Instagram followers.
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