How to Defrag Windows Hard Drive to Improve PC Performance

Computer slow-down is an inevitable phenomenon. As the time moves forward and your computer gets old, it’s sure to drop its speed. Although there are many reasons behind this, hard drive fragmentation is a major one contributing to the sluggishness of your Windows machine.
In order to make your system perform at your desired pace, you should take help of Windows built-in tool to defrag your hard drives. It’s important to note here that the modern versions of Windows automatically defragment your hard drives. However, it’s never bad to do the task manually whenever you feel your OS is taking hours to load. It’s advised to do this on monthly basis to improve PC performance and speed.

Note: A Solid State Drive (SSD) should not be defragmented. Unlike hard drives, SSDs do not use a spinning platter to store your data. So, defragging them isn’t going to help you. On the contrary, this may adversely affect your Solid State Drive’s lifespan.

All said, let’s check out how you can give your PC a speed boost by fixing the fragmented drives. Let’s get started!

How to Defrag a Hard Drive on Windows 10

1.       Type “defrag” in the taskbar search area to launch the disk optimization tool
2.       Choose a hard drive and click Analyze to obtain the percentage result of the fragmented drive
Note: There are no strict rules to tell at which percentage you should defrag your hard drive. Still, it’s suggested that a drive is ideal to defragment if it’s at least 10% fragmented.

3.       Click Optimize if you want to defrag your hard drive. During the process, try not doing any other task on your Windows

How to Defrag a Hard Drive on Windows 8

1.       Place your cursor in the bottom-left corner of the screen. When the pane slides in; tap the search icon at the top

2.       Type “defragment” in the search bar

3.       Click on the Defragment and Optimize Your Drives option from the list appeared

4.       Next, under Status heading, click your desired drive to defrag it

5.       Click Analyze to determine if that drive requires being optimized

6.       If the result comes positive, click Optimize

How to Defrag a Hard Drive on Windows 7

1.       Head to the Start menu and select All Programs

2.       Click Accessories > System Tools

3.       Select Disk Defragmenter from the list to bring up the defragmenter dialog box

4.       Choose which drive you wish to defragment and click on “Analyze Disk” button

5.       Click “Defragment disk” to start the process.

6.       Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have defragmented each hard drive

How to Defrag a Hard Drive on Windows Vista

1.       Go to Start button and click All Programs

2.       Select Accessories > System Tools

3.       From the list that appears, click Disk Defragmenter option

4.       Click Defragment Now to initiate the process

How to Defrag a Hard Drive on Windows XP

1.       Head to the Start button and Click Run

2.       Enter dfrg.msc in the box appear and press Enter

3.       Defragment each of the hard drives one by one

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