Gifting Ideas for Your Best Friend’s Birthday When You Are Away from Her

When it’s your best friend’s birthday, you are on top of your nerves because you want it to extremely perfect. Since you have a special bond with her, you probably know her way better than even her siblings. When you have moved to another country for studies, marriage, work or other responsibilities, it gets difficult to stay and even more difficult to celebrate important occasions together like birthdays! Thanks to online website, these days you can easily send gifts to any part of the world without splurging on the shipping rates! Here are a few simple yet thoughtful presents that you can send her on her birthday –

1.      Her favorite makeup

Makeup is generally expensive, and girls love it when their near and dear ones gift them expensive makeup. Best friends know everything about each other especially their choice of makeup because they use, borrow and share makeup a lot of times! You can easily purchase her favorite makeup on online gifting sites the send gifts and send flowers to Kota or anywhere across India for minimal shipping rates. Buying directly from shopping sites means that a lot of times they send the items complete with the receipt etc. which is not something you want your best friend noticing. Although she might already know the price of the makeup, it is best to keep the receipts away!

2.      Send her flowers and chocolates

Surprise her at midnight with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and chocolates or even deliver them to her place of work to make it extra special. These days, there are tons of different e-commerce and e-gifting portals that allow you to send gifts to India for affordable rates. You can send flowers to Kota completely customized right from the type of flowers you want in the bouquet to the color of the ribbon, the choice of basket, vase, bouquet wrapper and so on! You can completely customize this along with a box of assorted chocolates. You can add her favorite chocolate flavors and combinations in this chocolate gift box too.

3.      Gift voucher

Since you are far away from your best friend, you probably don’t know her current body measurements to get her the best dress or clothing. The best option is to personalized gift her a gift voucher by simply purchasing it from her favorite shopping outlet and sending it via email to her. She can use this voucher to purchase whatever she fancies, and you don’t have to worry about your gifts going to waste! This is a very thoughtful gifting option that isn’t very time consuming to pick, extremely convenient and worth even rupee you put into it!

Apart from this, you can do a personalized video greeting for her and send it to her on whatsapp or put it up on a social media platform that she is active on such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on! This will definitely bring a big smile on her face even with you being miles away from her! You can also search Birthday Party Planners in Indirapuram

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