5 Surefire Ways to Spread Awareness for a Cause

Whatever you earn, you must give back. I have lived by a simple philosophy in life. Giving back is an important part of your life. Not doing so makes your wealth lose all meaning because something that isn’t serving the humanity, adds no meaning to the world.
This is the reason why I have been working with a lot of non-profit organizations across the country since a long time. The most common concern most organizations or individuals face is for their cause to gain the limelight it deserves. Certainly with so many issues plaguing the society today there are a number of causes one can stand up for but what makes your cause different from others and how can you achieve the same? Well let’s look at a few solutions which will help you resolve these issues.

1.    Social media: Social media is your biggest ally. It has given you a platform so big, as to contain the entire world. Here you can start your journey. Start with consistency. Create a page, start sharing content. Be clear as to what are your goals as an organization or an individual that you are striving for. Share them.
    Start with the video content from then on out. Upload informative videos stating what’s the impact of the problem or the cause you’re standing up for. Video is the best channel via which you can provide knowledge about your cause.
    Then comes contests which you can share online. Challenges you can engage maximum people in. Go on facebook, share links of who you are and what you are fighting for.

2.    Give away: It’s important to give a face to your cause. It needs to be out in the open and breathe like an individual. For the same reason, design and give away promotional stuff like custom rubber bracelets stickers, bookmarks, carry bags and badges. All of these are inexpensive items that you can share with the world to give visibility to your cause. An individual who receives back something in return of his service is bound to assist more or bring in more individuals.

3.    Events: Once you have established and given voice to your cause, it’s time to physically engage audience. Start by holding events in which you are a partner. Events which you can use to gain both visibility and organic audience. Once you have a audience, start with the big events:

  •    Education drives
  •    Fundraisers
  •    Sometimes a world record would do too.

4.    Share: People need to see what made you come out and stand up for something. They want to hear your voice to do the same. So share. Share what kept you consistently working at nights, during days. Share the voice of those affected, whom you have pledged to protect. 

Write, record yourself, go speak in public, in local radio shows; let everyone see your diligence and your resolve. Let them hear the voice of those affected and voices of those who are trying their best to give them salvation.

5.    Recruitment and campaigning: Never stop trying to get people to work with you. Recruitment is something we don’t engage in quite often. You can’t fight the battle alone, you need a lot of help. Structure your campaign and organization. Keep campaigning, eradicating a problem needs a lot of support. Find campaigns you can run. Challenges, awareness drives, runs; plan them months ahead of time and follow through with a lot of zeal and clarity.

Finally make sure you never stop believing in your cause. It’ll be the cornerstone on which you will start building your struggle and awareness campaign. wrEach day is important, each victory is celebrated. So give back to humanity as much as you can. That’s one of the few ways by which we add meaning to our lives.

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