Sell Your Precious Items to Gold Buyers Brisbane for Cash on the Spot

Daily updates on gold prices show that this is a stable way of protecting your wealth and hedging against financial crisis. When the time comes you can quickly convert gold items into liquid cash to cater for emergencies or investment deals. 

An individual or business hoping to sell should look for the most reputable gold buyer in their region to get the best spot price. Gold Buyers Brisbane has been in the industry for several years which is a testament to their good reputation.

Friendly Staff

If you have gold in any form and would wish to sell, come to our offices. We have friendly staff waiting to help you along the process. Our business hopes to give each seller a pleasant experience knowing that parting with the precious metal isn’t easy. In the privacy of our offices, they will assess your gold, make an offer and give cash if you agree.

Trusted Cash Gold Buyers

We are the trusted gold buyer in Australia whose biggest pride is having been chosen as the best gold buyer. We offer our clients cash as opposed to cheques in exchange for gold. Bank cheques have gained a bad rap due to unscrupulous buyers who dupe customers by reversing transactions before the maturity date. As a reputable gold dealer, we pay cash on the spot and offer our clients the best price. By giving hard cash our business ensures that the customer is able to achieve their financial objectives without a lengthy, anxious wait. Having invested in skilled
analysts, we are able to inspect your items fast and give you a quote. When customers come to us, they don’t have to wait days before getting an offer.

Advanced gold testing equipment

Customers hoping to sell gold in Brisbane worry about their items getting damaged during testing. Our business uses advanced tools toanalyze gold without ruiningyour bars, jewels or coins. At gold buyers Brisbanewe are committed to giving you a stress-free experience by ensuring total privacy when you present the items to us.

Forget the middlemen

Brokers and middlemen often make the most out of customers gold in hefty commissions but coming to Gold Buyers Brisbane will help. We buy gold directly from customers to make sure they get the most benefits.

Loans for your gold

Customers in need of cash don’t always want to sell their gold rings, earrings or necklaces. It is in recognition of this fact that we provide loans against gold items to our esteemed customers. When the cash is repaid, a client gets back their item and they can always borrow against it another time. By offering such loans we help people in Australia achieve their financial objectives without having to give up their prized possessions.


With the ongoing cryptocurrency craze, you may think gold has been forgotten but no. Here at Gold Buyers Brisbane, we have witnessed gold go up in value in what some experts thought were impossible circumstances. Even before money as we know it, gold was still a means of exchange and measure of wealth that remains steady in the wake of market tremors.

For more information please visit the following:
Brisbane Gold Company
Shop 1/663 Ipswich Rd
Annerley, QLD 4103
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