OT Course: Check out its Eligibility, Duration, Career and Scope and More

OT Course: Check out its Eligibility, Duration, Career and Scope and More

It could be that you are interested to join OT course to enhance your career prospect and have a recession free job throughout your working period. Although there are numerous fields to be pursued in the field of medical science, it is OT or Diploma in Operational Theatre that can help you to work closely with highly skilled, qualified and certified physicians. If you prefer great responsibility and can take the stress and tension at the workplace and the demands that come with it, then this is the most appropriate course to be undertaken. It is indeed worth the investment and a career that not only offers you with good pay package and perks, but also respect from the community and everyone around.

OT technician course – Eligibility, duration and fees

In order to join this wonderful course, you need to first have completed your 10+2 studies or equivalent. You are required to have scored minimum of 50% in the final 10+2 exam.  Only then will you be eligible to apply at any reputed university or college for this course. Being a diploma course, you need to undergo studies, both practical and theoretical for a period of two years. The fees charged for this course actually varies between colleges across the country. But the average is approximately Rs30000. You can check out the prospectus offered by the different colleges or their websites to know in details about the college and the fees charged by them.

Course Suitability

  • The course offers you with the chance to learn interpersonal and technical skills and to work under qualified nurses, surgical personnel and anaesthetists.
  • You need to be a smart and hard worker and be dedicated to your profession. You should be able to stand on your feet for hours together in the lab.
  • You are to be current with the innovations being made in the domain of OT techniques.

Benefits derived from the course

  • The course offers full care to surgical patient, post and pre operatively within the theatre setting. It also helps you to assist the surgeon, anaesthetist or nurse in carrying out different types of procedures, as well as to disinfect and sterilize OT rooms by following all NABH set protocols.
  • Once course is completed, you are free to pursue higher degrees and improve your opportunities to apply for job promotions and perks.

Employment areas

There are various career avenues that open up on successful completion of the Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician. You can research on the web and find out numerous options that are sure to impress you. Some of them are as follows:
  • Emergency Centres
  • Doctors office and their clinics
  • Private laboratories
  • Government and private hospitals
  • Universities, colleges and other medical related organizations
  • Companies producing pharmaceuticals and much more.

In order to get the best job at a reputed organization or hospital facility, you need to be well-educated and have sufficient practice with the different equipment that you are required to operate during your work hours. You need to maintain extreme caution, be disciplined, dedicated and devoted towards your field and know what is to be done at the most appropriate time, thus helping the surgeon or the anaesthetists or nurse during the operation procedure on the patient.

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