Is Being a Blockchain Specialist Worth the Investment?

Enterprises across the globe are beginning to support and develop solutions centered around blockchain to tackle primary business challenges. As such, financial startups and companies find themselves in need of professionals who are able to have a multi-faceted understanding and a deep, practical skillset to make them effective. Specialists in blockchain are in huge demand right now and this is evident from their payscale. Currently, cryptocurrency experts earn upwards of $250,000 in their industry for the expertise they provide in the field. Financial companies are at a loss to find blockchain developers capable of building new systems and infrastructure to help businesses develop and grow.

This dire need for trained specialists in the professional world are reflected in the educational bodies across the world. To fill the gap in the talent pool, leading institutions acknowledge the need for blockchain related courses and programs to help fill it. Many world class institutions like Duke University, Princeton University, Stanford University, etc. are only a few of the institutions where successfulendeavours to create spaces for research and innovation have paved the way for a brighter future. While obtaining such a degree from a credible program grants us with expertise and knowledge, it would not magically grant us a place in our desired job role. But, in light of the hundreds of vacancies across the planet, it is safe to say that the industry is thriving and on its way towards becoming a mainstay for enterprises across the globe.

Blockchain technologies have been explored and developed by consortiums, tech firms, banks and other institutions who seek specialists, consultant and developers to assist them in forging a new method of doing business globally. This method of exchange in value and data promises to create an atmosphere where secure, decentralized exchanges are used widely, and upon systems that allow it to be used responsibly. Global corporations like Accenture, AT&T, FannieMae, etc. have several positions for cryptocurrency and blockchain specialists who are able to thrive in this industry- being responsible for its development future, thought leadership and innovation of infrastructure and systems. The industry is such that it favours early adopters, and many organizations look to be getting ahead of the curve. This explains much of the high income packages available for the positions they are offering. The biggest indicator of this is the rise in international credentializing bodies that provide expertise in the industry.Blockchain certifications have risen in great popularity over the last few years and with good reason.

To make the access of this nature of expertise more accessible, institutions have built themselves upon being able to provide vast bodies of knowledge about the industry and make it available to candidates to access for the sake of competency assessments, or credentials which allow them to display a tangible proof of their abilities. At any rate, this ongoing push forward into a future where blockchain is an integral part of global businesses cannot be overlooked by the global talent pool, particularly those who wish to have a start in a new industry and hoping to build an illustrious career within it.

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