All that you need to know about the helicopter ride to Kedarnath

There are numerous ways of travelling to Kedarnath like trekking up to the temple through a steep path, going on horseback or employing local modes of transport like dandi and pittu. Whatever it might, all these modes of travel are rather hectic and hence a lot of people tend to go for the helicopter service which runs from Gaurikund to Kedarnath. There are other places from where you can avail this service as well like Guptkashi, depending upon where you are.

What does this helicopter ride to Kedarnath entail?

This helicopter ride takes the interested passengers from Gaurikund or Guptkashi to Kedarnath. It takes much less time and most of these rides are round trips so that you can land there, visit the temple, pray, marvel at the beauty of the surroundings and then come back again in it. These are extremely time bound and if you want you can opt for a one way trip as well if you have other plans of descending like trekking or a horseback ride. One of the most essential features of this helicopter ride is that you will be able to enjoy a lovely view of the mountains which otherwise will be impossible for you to witness. This is the easiest way to reach Kedarnath and perfect for elderly people who want to visit this place.

How can you avail a helicopter ride?

Well, you always have the option of going there and getting the book done on spot, but you have to keep in mind that there is only a small window of a few months during which people are allowed to visit Kedarnath because the place shuts down due to extreme weather conditions. It is because of this, it remains really crowded and hence you might find a huge queue to overcome before getting a booking done for a helicopter ride. Hence it is always better if you get your gaurikund to kedarnath helicopter booking done well beforehand. There a lot on online sites where you can check out the details of this helicopter ride and you can make your bookings also. You will have to pay at least half an amount in advance and hence you will need to clarify the payment options first. It is also of the utmost importance that you get to know about the booking and cancellation policies before you confirm the booking.

How to prepare yourself for the helicopter ride

It is very important to remember that wearing warmers inside is a must even during the summer months because the wind up there is going to be chilly and once you reach Kedarnath which is about 11,000 ft above sea level, you will surely feel cold. The helicopter ride will drop you to a location from where you will have to walk some distance to reach the temple. Do not forget to have the right woollens and strong walking shoes for your journey. Make sure that you are protected against the wind by wearing windcheaters.

Now that you have a basic idea about what exactly a helicopter ride to Kedarnath entails, it is time you start preparing for your trip!

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