Several Common Causes of Back Pain

Several Common Causes of Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of a very common problem, seen especially in people above 40 years ages, this back pain is also known as lumbago, back pain is not a disorder, is a symptom of several different types of medical problems, back portion of a person feels lots of unbearable pain, inflammation on the lower portion of the back.

Human back is made up of complex structures of several muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, blood vessels.

If any problem occurs in these components of back, can cause to back pain.


If a person has strained muscles and ligaments, these can cause in back pain in a person.
This strain problem occurs due to lifting of heavy objects or even can occur due to sudden awkward movements.

If a person does over- activity, so it is not also good for his/ her health, can cause in back pain.


Vertebrae are the interlocking bones which are packed on the top of each other forming up the spine. Whereas discs is the area of tissues that fills up the space between each vertebra. Injury in disc is one of the common reasons of the back pain.

Other Major Reasons of Back Pain

There are many other reasons of back pain problem in a person if you are suffering from them, you should check this to the doctor and doctor will tell you these rare causes of back pain-
If spinal canal is getting narrow due to several reasons.

If vertebral body gets displaced onto the other one, it is also a cause of back pain.

Loss of nerve function in the spinal cord also can cause in back pain in some of the cases.

If there is a fungal or bacterial infection in the spine, it can also cause to this problem e.g. back pain.

If there is any growth of cancerous or malignant tumor in the spine, it also leads in back pain.


There are lots of symptoms of back pain including, aching sensation in the lower back portion, an unbearable kind of pain in the lower back portion, an inability in standing up straight without pain, reduction in motion and very low ability to flex the back etc.

If this above symptoms a person has for 4-5 days or a week then it is ok, but if a person has this symptom for longer period of time e.g. more than three months, then it can lead in chronic back pain problem in a person.



Most of the cases of back pain is relieved by the treatment with Whole Fruit Garcinia Cambogia Reviews inflammatory medications includes-

Ibuprofen, naproxen and also other pain relievers are some of the effective option to treat the back pain problems.

These above medicines are effective in reducing the back pain and these all should be taken with food because these medicines can irritate the lining of stomach.

Home Remedies

Some of the home remedies also are very effective in reducing the back pain, some they are mentioned below-

Apply ice packs to the back can also relieve in discomfort and helps to reduce the inflammation in the back areas.

Trueslim Detox Review - Warn compresses may also help in treating the inflammation.

Exercise also helps to improve the posture and also strengthen the muscles of the back portion, helps in reducing the back pain problem.

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