Journey of the Famous Actors: From TV Shows to Movies

Journey of the Famous Actors: From TV Shows to Movies

People who rise from the bottom can have the actual taste of success. They know the ups and downs of the life and experience a lot of struggles. In the film industry, the actors may look very shiny by their appearance. But they have some scruffy past in their journey towards the throne of success. Here are some actors who have marked their name in the TV shows before going into the movies.

Morgan Freeman (The Electric Company)

Normally, the actors start their career at a young age to get the lead cast and for the orientation of a long career in the future. However, there are some exceptions. Yes, there are some unique personalities who are not bothered with the castings and roles in the movies or shows because they do have the incomparable belief in themselves. If you tell me to list up such actors, Morgan Freeman will easily top that list. Interestingly, he made his mark on the television by a TV show named ‘The Electric Company.’

Jim Carrey (In Living Colour)

There is a great debate about the most difficult genre of acting. Some people believe that tragic and negative roles are the toughest part. But most of the people consider comedy as the most solid and healthy part of acting. Now, regarding the comedy actors, Jim Carrey is one of the best. He has marked his name in the industry after having a successful run in the In Living Colour which was a famous TV show in the 90’s. You can find the TV on the online video streaming platforms like CouchTuner. Later, he became famous in the Hollywood industry and acted in the legendary films like ‘The Mask.’

Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street)

Acting is a passion some people live for. There are a few of those who get the chance and take this piece of art to a different level. Yes, it’s true that such actors are rare but I can take a name who has already won the heart of many audiences with his acting capability. Johnny Depp is a very popular name in the industry nowadays. But there was a time when he struggled for a cast in the films. He got the chance in a TV show named 21 jump Street and acted superbly. Since then, he gave us so many beauties to enjoy like Pirates of the Caribbean Series.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)

Novels have a serious connection with the Movies and TV shows. There are a lot of directors who have a passion for creating films and television series on the famous novels. In term of the famous novels, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the best one in the detective genre. We all know how much difficult it is for a person to carry through such a weighty character. But, Benedict Cumberbatch has made this difficult task easy by getting out as the Sherlock Holmes in the TV series, directed by Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat. Along with this epic TV series, Cumberbatch gifted some elegant films like ‘The Imitation Game’ and ‘Doctor Strange.’

We have mentioned the names of some famous TV shows. You can enjoy those TV shows on the online video watching platforms described in Layerpoint.
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