How to Impress Your Father with Your Choice of Flowers If He is an Expert Gardener?

How to Impress Your Father with Your Choice of Flowers If He is an Expert Gardener

When you decide to give to give your gardener dad a gift, what do you consider? You could say practicality is one of the most critical factors that come to your mind and flowers with plants is, of course, the obvious gift that comes into mind. However, you need to ask yourself how many golf clubs, shirt cuffs, watches, wallets, computer accessories, pens, and shoes does a man need to have. These items do occupy a certain amount of space.What about a fresh bouquet of flowers? Contrary to what most people think, famous florists, say flowers are not just for women. They point out certain masculine options you could consider giving your dad just like that or for any occasion. These are as follows:

Tropical flowers

These experts explain that certain tropical flowers such as orchids, bamboo, tree tobacco, bromeliads, cactus, and bonsais are very popular among men. You can easily get eye-catching bouquets of such bloom in your local florists or online at a reasonable price. Your father will love to showcase your gift in his den, room or office. Moreover, these flowers are no difficult to take care of and can last long after the occasion is over.

Flowering plants

If you are looking to give your dad a gift that resembles the same feeling as a bouquet of fresh flowers, you could consider flowering plants. Experts clarify they last longer than most flowers and are an ideal gift if your father is an ardent gardener.You could choose from a bunch of roses, water lilies, tulips, marigold, jasmine, and sunflowers. You just need to browse through the website to select the right one that suits your budget.You can send flowers to Canada or any other part of the world with success.

Plant Bouquets

This is another ideal gift you can give your dad to express your love and appreciation. It will come as a surprise for you to know that this unique bouquet has no flowers. You could opt for a ‘ponytail palm’ which most florists will tell you is similar to an orchid. However, they say it is a minute ‘palm bonsai tree’. It can go a long way in livening up his cubicle in this workplace or room.

How do you take care of bouquet you choose for your father?

After selecting the right bunch of bouquet to give your dad, you need to keep the flowers in a cool place. You also have to submerge these plants are in the warm water to prolong their life.  If you find some of the petals are starting to wilt, remove the stem and cut it before replacing the entire arrangement back into the water. 

You can gift flowers to people on any occasion. Your father will love to receive a bouquet from you just like your mother. It would be prudent on your part to find out what variety of flowers he likes to give other people on special occasions and make it a point to gift the same type. You are giving your dad a bunch of fresh flowers and plants that he will keep and remember for a long time. It is a symbol of your love and appreciation for the only hero who still stands strong in your life.
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