How to Cure Vaginal Itching and Burning?

How to Cure Vaginal Itching and Burning?

Every female faces the embarrassment of vaginal itch in public at least for once. This is quite a normal phenomenon so one shouldn’t worry about it a lot. Basically itching and burning in private area is caused due to bacterial or fungal infection. 

The primary reasons responsible for this are pads, sweating and lack of proper cleaning which keeps the area moist and hence they allow the bacteria to grow rapidly. The growth of bacteria leads the infection to spread in other areas as well. Processed medicines to prevent such things from happening are available but have their own adverse effects. Creams and ointments are also there which can help to control the infection, but they may harm the skin as well. There are many natural home remedies to prevent vaginal itch and inflammation. Few such remedies are mentioned below which are very effective if undertaken regularly. They don’t cause any side effects also.


Yogurt is the most common remedy to get rid of vaginal itch and burns. It is quite a simple method; one needs to take a bowl of plain yogurt prepared without using a sweetening agent. Yogurt has some acidic content which can maintain pH balance of the vagina. One needs to dip a tampon in the yogurt and later insert it into the vagina. It should be kept in there for 2 hours for effective relief. It is advised to eat plain yogurt when facing such issues.

Indian Lilac

It is one of the Indian herbs most commonly known in the market as Neem. Neem has antiseptic compounds as constituents and hence is a remedy to cure vaginal infections caused due to yeast/fungus. Neem can reduce both itching and burning sensation in and around the vagina. One needs to take a bowl of water and dip some Neem leaves in the water. The mixture should be boiled at normal temperature and then after should be used to rinse vagina daily. Another way to use this remedy is by pouring neem oil in hot bathing water and taking a hot water bath.


Kefir is a known dairy product and is a result of fermentation. It has probiotic characteristics and can be employed to cure vaginal itch and burning. Most common probiotic bacteria are Lactobacillus and Bifidus. Kefir contains both these bacteria and eliminates the fungal and bad bacterial infections over and around the vagina. Vaginal infection can be cured by dipping a tampon in kefir and then inserting it into the vagina for 2 to 3 hours. It should be done daily twice until few week for effective cure. One can also consume small cups of kefir for few weeks to cure the vaginal infection.


Honey is the most used natural remedy to cure the vaginal infection. Honey has healthy natural compounds which are antifungal and antibacterial. These compounds are both helpful in getting rid of the microbial infection. One needs to apply honey over and around the itching area. It should be kept over there for 30 minutes, and then a bath in warm water shall be taken. This process should be followed twice each day until the results are obtained.
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