How Business Women Can Make Their Stay at a Tadoba Accommodation Pleasant & Safe

How Business Women Can Make Their Stay at a Tadoba Accommodation Pleasant & Safe

Many women need to travel on business to the Tadoba National Park. Wildlife photojournalists, wildlife columnists, tour operators etc. often need to travel to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve on business. Moreover, many business executives traveling to Nagpur, Pune, or Mumbai could complete their office tours, seminars, conferences, or business meets and head to the pristine National Park for some respite from their hectic schedules. This is truly a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Even if you travel there just for the weekend or maybe few hours of sightseeing, it would be worth the effort. You would surely have great fun, adventure, and a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience like never before amidst the incredible beauty of nature and serene environment. However, women travelers must abide by a few dictates to make their wildlife vacation a pleasant and a memorable one.

Do Not Ignore the Safety Issues

India is known to be warm and hospitable to tourists and is not blacklisted as a dangerous country. Yet, women travelers must always be concerned about their safety and well-being. So, it is best to take some important safety precautions when you are traveling alone on business or for pleasure. It is mandatory to keep all your important travel documents, passport, and other papers handy and they should be kept safely. You must be extra-alert about all your belongings such as suitcases, bags, laptops, mobile phones etc. Rely on only those guides who are authorized by your hotel, resort, or the embassy.

You must book your Tadoba accommodation ahead of time to avoid any last minute disappointments. You must get in touch with a reliable and accredited travel agent and make your train reservations also well in advance. You may alternatively book train tickets online from IRCTC and other reputed travel sites. You must reserve AC class tickets as traveling in trains in India could be quite uncomfortable otherwise. Avoid touts for your own travel safety.

Be Choosy about What You Wear

We all are aware that businesswomen love to travel light and they believe in power dressing. Accomplished ladies know how to combine practicality and style while dressing up. You could wear dresses, long skirts, tops, palazzos, trousers, track pants, etc. as they would be comfortable for trekking or the jungle safari. However, women travelers to Tadoba Tiger Reserve must keep in mind that the National Forest is situated in a predominantly rural setting.

So, it is best to dress up conservatively as you would not like to attract the attention of any eve teasers and spoil your mood and trip. It is best to wear shirts or tops with long sleeves and team them with leggings, jeggings, or loose trousers as these are great for protecting you from mosquito bites. Pack a pair of comfortable running shoes along with your formal shoes so that you experience no discomfort while exploring the Tadoba Tiger Reserve during the jungle safari.

Enjoy the Food While Being Cautious

You must carry some ready food items such as protein bars, chocolates, or nuts so that you do not have to go without food on long train rides or days when you have uninterrupted business meetings or on a wildlife safari while waiting for the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger to show up. You must avoid street food but feel free to relish well-cooked food available in your hotel or resort.


Go with a positive mind as that is the key to happy and enjoyable vacations. Remember Indian food could be really hot and spicy. Buy branded mineral water only. It is important to carry relevant medications for upset stomach, fever, and headaches. Consider drinking plenty of water all the time to avoid unnecessary dehydration issues.
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