Getting the Justified Cloud Server Hosting Price

The cloud server market is extremely crowded and choosing the best plan for your needs might prove to be a Herculean task. There are multiple variants to choose from. Ideally, you should be able to zero in on a plan that suits your requirement and offers the best cloud server hosting price.

Determine the Types to Choose From

Broadly, cloud server hosting is of two types. You could opt for a managed hosting plan or an unmanaged one. A managed plan would be providing you the complete infrastructure that you would need for setting up a hosting plan. An unmanaged plan would provide you with the required help that you require for managing the plan alongside the infrastructure. Therefore, the latter would certainly be more expensive and the cloud server hosting price point agreed upon would have to be evaluated well.

In addition, there would are three different categories of hosting plans to choose from:

1.    Shared Hosting: In shared hosting the cloud server hosting price is the lowest. Here, a large public hosting platform is divided into individual compartments and each compartment is used for hosting purposes. It is cheap and ideal for starters. A shared plan would be easy to manage. However, there would be lack of space and resources. Scalability can also be a problem.
2.    VPS Hosting: Virtual private hosting is a form of hosting where a shared platform is divided into self-dependent server compartments and each compartment is used for hosting purposes. It is quite like dedicated hosting in many ways.
3.    Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is where a single server is assigned to a particular user. The cloud server hosting price is the highest for a dedicated cloud hosting plan. It provides lots of space and resources and the complete freedom of managing the platform. No shared users means complete individuality and flexibility.

If you have possess the required resources, you need to choose a server platform that is private and managed too.

Justifying the High Cloud Server Hosting Price of a Managed Dedicated Server Platform

Managed and dedicated server platforms cost a bomb! Here are some critical questions to ask before you decide to pay up:

1.    Do your expectations match?—Your cloud vendor may believe in a completely different set of services in a managed plan as compared to what you might expect. So, you need to set your expectations in sync. Asking your cloud vendor about the deliverables is the best option. Understand what his deliverables are and assess if it suits you and matches the price point he has demanded.
2.    What does customer support look like? –Ideally, you will need a customer support team that is available round the clock, through weekends and holidays, without any exceptions. You should be able to reach them through multiple communication channels. Checking up on these is important.
3.    Is price negotiation an option?—Well, price negotiations can be carried out without having to compromise on vital service parameters. It is important to know that the managed dedicated plan that commands the lowest cloud server hosting price in its category, may not be the best one. A dedicated plan that costs less today may end up being a great deal more expensive with time.
4.    What about customer feedback?—The life of a server depends on how well it is being managed and handled. You need to understand the real time experiences by gathering customer feedback and subsequently opt for the chosen plan.

The choice of your cloud server hosting plan should be purely need based. It is important to select a plan that supports your business needs of the present as well as future. You will be required to consider factors like recurrent costing and scalability too. Sustainable solutions at decent price points are always welcome.

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