Disaster Recovery Services in India Enhance Data Security and Business Prospects

Thanks to increased frequency of natural calamities such as earthquakes, snowstorms, and cyclones that have closed down websites for months, companies are beginning to understand importance of disaster recovery services in India.

Significance of DR services

Disaster recovery service has also gained significant attention due to regulatory compulsions. More and more enterprises are incorporating sophisticated software for client relationship and other objectives due to sudden rise in data volumes. This has enhanced reliance on complex technologies, thereby an urgent need to protect mission critical websites against acts of God.

Disaster Recovery is essentially the process of security planning to safeguard normal functioning and to protect mission critical data.

One can list a number of events that necessitate DR services including unplanned outages due to power failure, cyber attacks, or natural calamities as stated earlier. These disruptive occurrences can potentially endanger the very existence of the organization.
Providers of Disaster Recovery Services in India help clients design contingency and mitigation plans to ensure seamless functioning of websites and other critical applications, in spite of unplanned outages. Modern data center hosting solutions cover Disaster Recovery in their service offerings.

Objectives of DR services

Disaster Recovery Services is an important function of data center hosting providers as it enables customers to continue their businesses by offering seamless access to their end users in terms of online resources. DR planning covers several important objectives that are listed below.

Loss prevention- Businesses need not be concerned about loss of vital data in the event of any disruptive occurrences. They can be confident of pursuing their growth and expansion plans if appropriate DR plans are in place.

Continuity- Every organization needs to be sure about business continuity to protect their online resources and to safeguard commercial interests. Disaster Recovery Services in India can be of great help to ensure seamless business continuity.

Security backup- If your organization is dealing with sensitive information or customer data such as health records, financial transaction records, and user credentials, then such data must be secured against all types of threats. Loss of this data can also impact image and performance of your organization. This underlines the need for a security backup to safeguard integrity of mission critical data.

Need for a cost-efficient DR solution

Costs cannot become a roadblock in imparting security and backup features to mission critical data files during a disaster or an unplanned event. However, robust DR plans can be extremely cost intensive. This has forced many organizations to embrace legacy backup methods.

There is good news for such organizations as the average per GB cost of cloud storage is on a decline. It should also be noted that the device costs are hardly witnessing any changes. The time is ripe for organizations to opt for cloud storage and disaster recovery solutions.

Cloud technology has considerably evolved to offer reliable Disaster Recovery Services in India that are not only economical but also deliver excellent performance.

DRaaS supports growth

Cloud technology has matured to offer an impressive array of cloud enabled services such as SaaS, IaaS, and so forth. Disaster Recovery as a Service is the right solution for organizations that are on the fast track of growth. Disaster Recovery is also an essential aspect of every IT organization.

Reputed Disaster Recovery Services in India make sure that their services are tailor-made to address specific requirements of backup and storage. One must try and analyze possible impact of an unplanned outage on the business processes. Business Impact Analysis or BIA is a first step before migrating to the cloud based Disaster Recovery and Backup solution.
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