Are You A PaniPuri Lover Too?

Panipuri, puchka, golgappa we all know this dish by many names. In different cities it is known by different names and not just names, it is also prepared in a different manner. Many of us are deeply any truly in love with panipuri and so am I. My love for panipuri began when we used to get 2 panipuris in 1 Rupee. But with the passage of time, panipuris too have become very expensive. My same old little town which would give you 20 panipuri in exchange of 10 bucks now just serves 6 panipuris for 10 Rupees. But nevertheless, I never stopped having them.

Having travelled to a few cities now, I have tasted the panipuris in many places and I can tell you that each place makes it a little different that the other. Today, I am going share a few of my panipuri incidents from different cities. Please do continue reading the article if you can also relate with it. And if you wish you can try preparing them at home as well. You can find panipuri recipe in Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati and all the other languages too.

1.       Jamshedpur, Jharkhand-The panipuris in Jharkhand are very commonly referred to as golgappas and they are widely found in every street and every corner. The fillings consist of mashed potatoes with cut up onions and coriander. It is spiced up with some tamarind and other dry spices and served with tamarind water. For me this is one of the best that I can ever have.

2.       Kolkata, West Bengal- Panipuris in here are commonly called puchkas. The taste differs slightly but then they are very tasty and very famous too. The biggest differences I find in them are the mashed potato fillings that do not use onions and the tamarind water has gandharaj which makes the taste quite different than the rest.

3.       Bhubaneswar, Orissa- The taste of this city is quite similar to that of mine. It is commonly called golgappa or panipuri in here and uses the same mashed potatoes with cut up chillies, onions and coriander leaves. The water is extremely tangy because of the tamarind used and which makes it even more delicious.

4.       Bangalore, Karnataka- When I had my first panipuri in Bangalore, it was much of a disaster for me. In this particular city, panipuri and golgappa can mean two different things. Panipuri is served with some boiled vegetables and a hot curry,which is not my idea about panipuri. Puchkas are more or less same like any other city that I have eaten in. The taste of the tamarind water is quite different because of the use of mint in too. But nevertheless, not bad in taste.

5.       Candolim, Goa- This is the first time ever that I tasted apanipuri that was not spicy or tangy but more on the sweetish side. It tasted very different from the others that I have ever had, but I would definitely call it yum and give it a thumb up. 
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