Are You An Employer? Here’s Why You Need To Use A Biometric Attendance System

One of the most crucial resources of any enterprise is its manpower. With the help of technology, every employer can ensure that their operations run smoothly and get the best out of their employees.
To end this, installing a biometric attendance system is a great step as it aids in maintaining the efficiency and integrity of the workforce without investing too much time in it.
How does a biometric system work?
Easy. All the employee needs to do is press their thumb or palm on the interface of the machine, and the system recognises the thumbprint and registers the employees’ attendance.
Here are some of the other benefits of installing such a system:
·         Increase productivity
Use of biometric system ensures that every employee’s in and out timings are accurately recorded. The manager or HR can keep a check on the automatically saved timings and give appropriate feedback or even warnings to the employees on their work hours. Even if an employee is 15 minutes late every day, it results in the loss of a lot of work hours that can negatively impact the productivity of the company.
·         Reduce false attendance
You may know of the buddy-system where one employee will falsely mark the attendance of another employee in the manual register or card. With a biometric system, such deceitful attendance can be prevented as the employee’s unique thumbprint is required to mark their presence.
·         Ensure proper rewards
When you have an accurate, detailed documentation of which employee has clocked in extra work hours, you know whom to reward. There is no ambiguity regarding the man hours the employee has put in. Overtime can be decided according to the timings registered by the biometric system.
·         Long-term financial benefits
Investing in a biometric system for marking attendance is a one-time cost. You save a lot of time and money which would otherwise be dedicated to trying to mark the attendance of the workforce. As mentioned earlier, this also helps in ensuring that the employees work the hours that they are supposed to. If we take the previous estimate of the employee being 15 minutes late to work every day and if they work five days a week, then calculations tell us that you will be saving 60 hours of workhours per employee every year.
·         Increase employee accountability
When the employees know that their in-and-out timings are being registered in such an accurate manner, they will feel more accountable and consequently, be more punctual.
·         Remote monitoring
You may be sitting in Mumbai and wish to know the actual work hours put in by the employees in your Bangalore office. With a biometric system which has a central data storage system, you can access the records remotely. No need to ask for pictures of sign-in sheets or whole registers to be sent to you.
Improve the overall quality of your service and increase the output of your product by investing in a biometric system that marks attendance right away!
Are You An Employer? Here’s Why You Need To Use A Biometric Attendance System Are You An Employer? Here’s Why You Need To Use A Biometric Attendance System Reviewed by Sahil Arora on January 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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