5 Places in Ahmedabad for Family visits

There are many places in Ahmedabad that can be visited by families. If you are visiting this city with your kids and spouse then you won’t be disappointed with the options the land has to cater. Different places will fill you with different specialties and explorations.

Even the hotels Ahmedabad India can be looked for easily. There are myriad of options and you can choose as per your convenience. Just have a look at 5 Places in Ahmedabad for Family visits below:

1.       Nagina Wadi
It is a gorgeous garden-themed amusement zone in heart of charming Kankaria Lake. It is associated with a straight tree-lined actual trail crisscrossing half of this lake. The area also has various food stalls serving delicious local food. At this place, Well-lit musical fountain – the great dancing fountain is quite charming with its heartening music and mesmerizing lights. Similarly, Jet Ski, Speed boat, and various other water sports are also extremely popular here. A perfect destination for your family

2.       Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad was formed by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1424. It is kind of a replica of Jama Masjid in Delhi. It is an amazing and prestigious as the Jama Masjid in Delhi is. It is located right next to historic Bhadra Fort.  The spot is believed to be the uppermost watermarked mosque design and planned in western India. The beauty, charm, and architecture of this masjid are purely astonishing.  You should not skip witnessing splendid wide courtyard along with yellow sandstone architecture of this masjid that depicts a blend of Islamic and Hindu chic.

3.       Bhadra Fort
Take your family to this spot if you want to acquaint them with the historic charm. This Artistic fort was constructed by Sultan Bhadra Fort in fourteen hundred eleven during the eras of Martha reign.  This royal fort possesses a grandiose palace, a lavish green courtyard, and a Bhadra Kali Temple.  People say that once Goddess Lakshmi came here and gave her blessings to Sultan that the city was to always stay wealthy and prosperous.

4.       Vastrapur Lake
This man-made attraction is one of the most remarkable spots to see in Ahmedabad. It has arisen as a popular attraction for some quality family time. Moreover, the lake is perfect to involve in boating while enjoying the company of your loved ones. You must not skip the fun-filled children park, amazing jogging track and open-air theatre for different cultural functions and of course live performances here.

5.       Swaminarayan Temple
The grandeur of its architecture, milky white structures, spectacular chic and astounding patterns make Swaminarayan Temple a valued wonder of modern India. The temple showcases the glory of Indian tradition and culture. The spotless arrangement of this temple premises is worth affirming. It is popular for its fascinating architectures and intricate carvings. It is the first Swaminarayan temples amidst the Swaminarayan chain.
So, look for Ahmedabad five star hotels and pick the one that is within your budget and taste. Ahmedabad will surely make your trip unforgettable!
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