When it comes to schooling, parents are very concerned about their child’s future and education. They try choosing the best for their kids. But often parents face the difficulty in choosing the most appropriate board of education. When it comes to the education board of our country, people mainly know about the CBSE board and the ICSE board.

These are two most recognised and prestigious boards in our country and parents often opt from these two. Apart from these two, our country also offers the state board. But, let’s not get into those details and let us focus on the ICSE and the CBSE boards as of now.

Apart from having difficulty in choosing the board of education, some parents also face the dilemma of whether should their children be sent to boarding or not. Many parents actually prefer boarding schools for their children for various reasons. For such parents you also have the options of some of the best boarding schools in India CBSE or ICSE.

But before choosing whether to send your child to boarding or not, parents have to decide about the board of education. One has to realise these two boards are quite different in nature and cannot be clubbed together. Many parents also make the mistake of making their children switch boards in the middle of their schooling years. If you were to take my advice, then please do not do this. Statistics have shown that children have difficulty in coping up with the new syllabus and that often leads to their academic failure. 

Now let us get back to what is the main difference between CBSE and ICSE?

The major difference comes in when we talk about the study pattern and the syllabus of the boards, the extra curriculum and the internal and external exams that are held. Most of the parents prefer the CBSE boards over ICSE for the easy curriculum. But then there are also parents who ditch the CBSE board and opt for ICSE board for their kids. Such parents think that giving their child a tough start gives their kid a chance to think beyond what is in the books. The board has a very multidimensional approach towards life and studies both.

But, the debate does not die here. People have various arguments in support and against of these education boards.

About ICSE board:

The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education that we all popularly know as the ICSE board is affiliated with the French Board of Examination. The private schools hold exams in the 10th grade and the medium of language used is English. Then the board also offers second language. You have some great boarding schools with ICSE boards as its syllabus.

About CBSE board:

The CBSE board if for a number of public as well as private schools. The board is affiliated with NCERT and follows their books for the course as well. You also have great CBSE boarding schools in India. The board has been running successfully for over 55 years.

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