Types of Drapery Pleat Styles You Can Buy for Your Beautiful House

Are you building your dream house? You have thought of it for a long time, and now you are catching your dream. A house is not only a mere dwelling place; it is something more than a construction of concrete and iron. It is up to you how you make your house a home. You should be concerned about every detail of your house. From the paint on the wall to the curtain style, there must be your personalized touch at every corner of your house.

Do you know about drapery pleats? Yes, instead of a mere curtain, you can have drapery at your house to give your room a royal look. With the help of modern drapery hardware, you can install beautiful drapery pleats in your house. Today, you will get ideas about amazing draping pleats that can increase the aesthetic value of your house.

1.      Flat Drapery Pleat
This is one of the most common types of drapery pleats that can be seen in the maximum household. In this simples pleating style, there is buckram tape at the top of the drapery panel to add firmness to the panel at the top. There are drapery hooks, installed on the back of the panel that is attached to the eyelets of the drapery rings.

2.      Parisian Drapery Pleat
These are kind of French pleats. This provides kind of sophisticated look to your house. Here, the Parisian pleat is tacked at the top of the flute. Do you have pre-installed drapery hooks? You can hang these drapery pleats there too.

3.      French Drapery Pleat
This style is also popular in the name of ‘Pinch Pleat’. This is one of the most classic and traditional ways of drapery styles. If your room is kind of vintage and you have antique furniture, this style of drapery will be the best suited for that room. A three finger fabric flute is used to form the drapery and drapery pins are used to hang it.

4.      Cartridge Drapery Pleat
This is kind of exclusive style than any other type of drapery. Here, the top of the pleats is rolled into a cylinder. These cylinders are sturdy enough to keep the fabric in its position. This looks utterly elegant and enhances the beauty of your room instantly.

5.      Inverted Drapery Pleat
If you contact the decorative drapery hardware, you will get the best products to provide beautiful drapery pleats. In this type, a 5-inch pleat is done to create a neat and clean and stylish drapery pleats. There are companies, who prefer for 8-inches drapery pleats.

6.      Grommet Pleat
If your house is of modern style and you want to create a sleek look, this is the plushest style you can opt for. Choose the finish and color of the grommet and have it in your house.
So, these are the best drapery pleats you can have in your room. Pick any style and make it your signature style.

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