The Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a trendy and fun style of bed where two bed frames are stacked on top of one another creating sleeping space at two different levels. These beds are, especially, great for children who enjoy the quirky designs that can be available in these beds nowadays. You can find a very wide variety of children’s bunkbeds online at different price points. So you can pick one that fits into your budget. If you are still wondering if these bunk beds are ideal for you to invest in then we have listed the pros and cons of these beds to help you make the right decision.

1.       Space
Apartments these days are generally very compact with pretty small rooms. Even if you are lucky enough to have larger rooms, you would want to save as much space as you can to give your little ones enough space to move around freely. Beds, being the largest piece of furniture, take up the most amount of space in the room. In case you have more than one child then twin beds or queen beds for them can be very space consuming. So the best solution for you is to get a bunk bed. They take up as little space as a single bed but serve the purpose of two beds.

2.       Storage
When you have kids in the house, you are ought to have a lot of things, a.k.a. kid mess, that needs to be stored. It includes everything from their toys and puzzles to their books and stationary. Nowadays bunk beds come with built in storage where you can store everything compactly. This makes sure that you kids’ room stays clutter free and organized to avoid any mishap that may occur if they trip over or collide into things.

3.       Separate Beds
A bunk bed will give each of your kids a separate bed to sleep on. This not only keeps them away from fighting over bed space and blankets but also develops the healthy habit of sleeping independently on their own. When they have separate bed it is easier to care for them individually. For instance, if one of them wets their bed or has a fever then you can change the bedding and pay attention to your kid without disturbing the sleep of your other kid.


1.      Safety
It could be a serious issue if the bed at the top of the bunk bed does not have a high, strong railing around it to stop your kid from rolling over in sleep. Another problem might arise due to the ladders or stairs of the bed. They should be strong are wide so your kids don’t fall while climbing them. It gets even more risky when they are sleepy or tired and try to get down.

As you can see, the pros weigh much heavier than the cons so you can definitely opt for a bunk bed for baby, toddler or even older kids if you can deal with the safety issue by choosing good quality beds with strong railings and wide stairs.  
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