Simple Style Tips For Men

People always have this question that how to keep themselves updated and stylish throughout the clock. Well today we are going to discuss about some cool and classy style tips for men that will help men to look cooler and sexier!

Never wear a tie and the pocket square of the same set together on the same outfit.

If you get a gift that has a tie and a pocket square, then don’t wear them together on the same outfit. Don’t be too match aspirant. Just coordinate the textures and colors.

Always go with a 2 button suit as an option

There are suits available with many number of buttons on them. But the 2 button suit is the best because one button is buttoned and another is unbuttoned.

Find the perfect fit and cut of the business casuals

There are different fits and cuts available for the business casuals. You need to find your best match and make yourself look cool and smart.

Keep the tie knot according to the collar size

If you’ve a big collar, then big knot and a small collar, then small knot.

Big Baggy Pants!

Big baggy pants make you look short and if you are short enough, then you are certainly not a person who would look good in those big baggy pats.

Dress belt and dress shoes

Always match the dress belt and dress shoes. Brown with brown and black with black. Leather with leather. Shiny with shiny and matte with matte.

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Avoid shirts with big bold logos
You’re not there as an ambassador of a particular brand. So don’t wear the shirts which have big bold logos printed on them.

Wear your socks smartly

If you are in the professional world, then wear your socks smartly. You can’t wear socks with clowns on them with your dress shoes. If you want to be taken seriously, then never ever do that.

While shopping, try the smaller size

If you are fitting in 44, then do try 42 for once. There is always a possibility that you might get fight into a smaller size. If it doesn’t work out, you can always size back.

Rings: One per one hand

Dudes, you are not girls. Keep the rings as – one per one hand.

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Don’t wear dress shirts untucked

Well, dress shirts are meant to be worn tucked in. That is the reason they’re long and casual shirts are shorter.

‘Fit it’ doesn’t mean tight

You need to get fit a shirt, but that doesn’t mean you make it tight. You screw up if you do so.

Funny ties are not funny.

Unless it is a theme party or someone told you to do so, don’t take a risk by wearing those eye catching, pop-colored, printed ties.

I hope you liked the tips and please leave a comment in the comment section as a valuable feedback!

Until next time, Happy Styling J
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