Is Vaping a Safe Course of Action During Pregnancy

The logic that is floating among the smoking community is that Electronic cigarettesare touted to be a safer option than regular cigarettes. This would have less harmful effects and in hindsight help a smoker to quit smoking altogether. 

Now coming to the question are e cigarettes during pregnancy a safe choice or not. The mere fact is that they do put nicotine into your body and does not work out to be a good choice for a woman who is pregnant or for the matter breastfeeding.

What an electronic cigarette indicates?

An electronic cigarette means nicotine based delivery service. Some resemble futuristic and some tend to be on the same line as a regular cigarette. It is incorporated with a battery and a cartridge that is filled with liquids. Then the liquid is heated and gives rise to the formation of a vapour. Hence  the term Vaping has risen in the first place.

When it comes to regular cigarette nicotine reaches out to your lungs by burning tobacco which is incorporated with thousands of hazardous chemicals.  As far as the ingredients of electronic cigarettes are concerned it is not that well regulated. Most of them are known to contain chemicals or a host of flavouring agents.

Strong misconceptions when it comes to the safety aspect

Research points to the fact that women have strong misconceptions when it comes to the safety aspect of e cigarettes. Close to 40 % of women who were surveyed were of the opinion that Vaping along with electronic cigarettes, were considered to be safe than regular cigarettes. It was only 57 % of women who felt that electronic cigarettes contained nicotine, and 61 % were of the opinion that it was addiction prone. In the study only 13 % went on to use e cigarettes and the main reason given for them was they learnt it from their peers.

Nicotine and the baby

Would Vaping while pregnant work out to be a better choice? You need to consider the fact that they go on put nicotine in the body of the mother and then the baby. There is no safe level when it comes to the exposure of nicotine in babies. When there is exposure to nicotine before pregnancy, it can lead to altered function of the brain and babies are not their normal self. The regular use of tobacco products would mean a host of problems like premature delivery or miscarriage to name a few. Nicotine is it from traditional or electronic cigarettes does reflect in the breast milk as well.

The world that all of us are part of, no woman should smoke. But this is not the case as women who are pregnant do smoke. If you are pregnant and into smoking you should stop it on an immediate basis. You can seek the expert opinion of your doctor on how to quit smoking and whether switching to electronic cigarette would be a better option or not.
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