Important Things to Note When You Take a Life Insurance

When people start becoming serious about life and death, mishaps, and accidents, they begin to think about insurance. You can get many service providers for insurance on a series of things such as car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, and fire insurance. To find out which of these service providers you should choose you must do a comparison at an online site such as Quickbima.

Do some comparisons first
First thing is to compare insurance policy from several providers and find out which is the best one. This might take some time, so spend a few days or weeks and go through the features and services provided in each of them. Sometimes, you will discover that smokers are not eligible for health benefits but you will find it mentioned in the exclusions and not in the main part. So, you might miss it when you go through the policy the first time because you are looking only at the main section.

Take a big cover
The important thing you must consider when you take an insurance cover is to aim big. Don’t take a small insurance cover like Rs15-20 lakh. The average sum assured for India is Rs1 lakh but one must aim for an insurance cover of Rs 1 crore. You can achieve plenty of things with the money. First, you can pay back all the outstanding liabilities that your family has. Put this at Rs 45 lakh. Next, add the inflation-adjusted monthly income and multiply this by 275. If your monthly income is Rs 36,000 then this amount becomes Rs 99,00,000. For future goals and children’s education add 3 times your yearly income. This is Rs 12,96,000. The total becomes Rs 156,96,000 or Rs 1.57 crores. So, be sure to take this amount as cover.

Act fast
Next thing to do is to avoid delay. If you keep analyzing, it will lead you nowhere. Go to the Quickbima website compareinsurance plans and choose the insurance plan from any one of the service providers there. You have two kinds of life insurance that you must know – term life and permanent. When you consider term life, the policy premium comes into calculation assuming that the insurer will die within a stated term. This term could be 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years. This is the simplest and the cheapest life insurance. The premiums remain guaranteed for the period of the term. Beyond this, the premiums become expensive and most of them let it lapse. So, one may pay premiums for several decades and get nothing in return – at least you are alive and that is the best thing.

Permanent life includes the same calculations but also has a saving mechanism. This we call the cash value and help you maintain the policy forever. It has investment components such as bonds and mutual funds. Also, aim for a life insurance cover that is without any frills so that the premiums remain small.

Once you have your insurance work done, you can rest in peace. You are now protected from all worries and accidents. Your family members remain protected and that is the main reason why people take insurance. 
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