Five Check Points To Identify The Best Indian Discount Broker

Best Indian Discount Broker

When you decide to invest in stock market, then you must know about stock brokers. But, there is a catch there are two types of them available in the market namely the full service and discount brokers. Who are they and what makes the difference. The brokerage fee charged based on the trade value makes a full-service broker. On the other hand discount, brokers charge their fee based on the number of trade and they have proved to be cheaper than the full-service broker charges.

Check Points To Be Considered

Take decision-based on the following parameters to choose the best discount broker.

  1. Broker’s Reputation

It is easy to search using the search engines and find the stockbroker. But, take time and understand who is reliable based on the reputation they have earned. You must do some analysis to appreciate their qualities.  How do they connect with investors, their charges, do they help at a crisis, and much more? All these details can be seen online in review forum shared by many existing investors. Do not get carried away by few good reviews but check in the details for negative reviews and reason behind the same. Check the broker company presence in some years.

  1. Check Their Charges

They can charge either on a trade basis or monthly fees. Ok, you can opt for a fixed price when you want to do volume trading.

You can choose the monthly fees option when you do have any numbers of trading in a combination of big and small volumes.

You can also check their plans and take a call. It is good to go for a fixed price when the volume is more and when any numbers of trades involved monthly fees are the best.

  1. Affordable Rates

Apart from the trading fee, the broker will also charge other expenses including the account creation fee, transaction charges, and maintenance fees. Remember to check if any broker offers a discount for regular trading. These are the new qualities of brokers to make the investor life easy.  Keep an eye on the commission as well.

  1. Efficiency

It is critical to follow the brokers as they will provide you numerous ways about the happening stock in significant exchanges. You can understand the efficiency of investment from their open inputs, and they will help you give a fair idea about the market. Do not buy the shares because they force you to do so, and you must know your investment ability and buy in proportion to that.

  1. Market Knowledge

You must know if the broker has the required knowledge about the stocks, market and the exchanges. Expert brokers will understand your profile and suggest you stock options. They will explain the basics of the stock trading, the valuation, capitalization of the market, and the prospect. The one best reason to choose a discount broker is they can warn you about the risk involved. If someone tells that there is no risk, then it’s better to stay away from them even when they are rea
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