Finishing Touches: How To Personalize Your Model Home

Finishing Touches: How To Personalize Your Model Home

Purchasing a model home can save you a lot of money and get you all the best amenities. Builders put top-of-the line appliances, flooring, countertops, and more in their model homes. They want the people that view the model home to buy all those extra special items for the home they are building. If you have purchased a model home, even though it has the gorgeous door, the expensive blinds, and an all stainless steel kitchen, there are things you will want to do to personalize it and make it your own.

Interior Paint Colors

Many model homes are neutral in color to better show off all the beautiful home features. If you don't want to live in a cream-colored world, choose the colors that make you feel happy and at home. Whether you already have furniture, or will be buying new, consider the furniture colors when selecting wall paint. Color choices can make a bedroom calming for restful sleep, can make a kitchen bold, and can add intensity, drama, or dignity to every room in your home.

Window Treatments

According to Great Traditions, you may have a certain style of curtain or blind that you want throughout your home or in a single room. The model home designer may be able to help you with suggestions on stores that can create exactly what you want, or help you find beautiful fabrics if you enjoy sewing accessories yourself.
Make It Yours

According to the Journal Online, the most important aspect of decorating your model home is to make it your own. The colors, fabrics, furniture, and all the accessories should give you warm cozy feelings that tell you it is your home. Choose things that make you feel awesome when you look at it all finished. Your home should display your personality everywhere. Don't be afraid of mixing in those old family heirlooms with your new modern styling. They will blend well and give you the comfort of old memories surrounding you. Most importantly, don't be afraid to be you. If you like the color of brick red in your kitchen, then have it. If you want an overstuffed chair sitting in the same room as your beautiful burgundy leather couch and chair, you should put it there.
DIY Home Decor can quickly become your own when you add just the right finishing touches and a touch of your own personality to the mix.

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