Enjoy Success with Recovery After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The person may have realized the importance of Why Undergo a Knee Replacement Surgery. But, it is equally important to know the recovery process and to achieve success in enjoying proper knee movement without the pain or difficulty involved.

The common type of joint replacement surgery conducted is TKR (total knee replacement) or TKA (total knee arthroplasty). Although numerous surgeries are performed every year, it has been found that patients in huge numbers are still ill prepared and not have much knowledge about the recovery process involved after total knee replacement surgery. There are few issues that involve recovering and rehabilitation, especially after this orthopedic surgery.

Recovery process and issues

Patients generally research the web on What Happens during Knee Replacement Surgery.  But many of them fail to find out precious information about the recovery process.

·         Preoperative physical condition: Recovery process after knee replacement surgery tends to being immediately after the surgery itself. The reason is because, successful recovery of knee replacement will entirely depend upon several factors, like the patient’s age, number of commodities, the individual’s general health condition before the surgery, etc. Those enjoying overall healthy health condition and are in good physical shape can have easy time at the rehab program. The patients will be recommended by the orthopedic physicians to strengthen their leg muscles and to lose weight, so as to prepare knee joint to accommodate surgery as well as post-operative rehab.

·         Early post-operative rehab: The recovery process in total replacement surgery needs to be started immediately as suggested by the physician. Early rehab will reduce swelling, joint stiffness, improve circulation, reduce pain and speed up the weight bearing activities. Continuous passive motion device will be placed n surgical knee immediately after the operation. The mechanical device helps with auto passive motion range to the knees as the patient lies in bed.

·         Continuous and progressive rehab: The objective of the recovery process is to use a walker or crutch to walk across the hallway, to climb stairs, straighten fully the knees, bend knee approximately to about 90° or greater as well as perform independently exercises. The set goal is to be reached within a span of 3-6 days. Further rehab might be required upon which the patient could be sent to any rehab center for about 2 weeks or longer, which again depends upon their social and medical needs.

·         Pain: The fact is total knee replacement surgery can be really painful among all orthopedic surgeries conducted. Frequent pain can be experienced with regards to its duration and level, throughout the rehab phase. Pain medications will be prescribed by the physician and special therapy treatments offered to help diminish extreme pain. After the initial week or so, the patient is likely to become much better.

Ultimately, the replacement recovery objective is to help the patients to return to their normal life and lifestyle. Most surgeries have witnessed high rates of success and are said to combine progressive and early rehab interventions.
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