Do Not be Part of These Dangerous Activities Once you are Pregnant

The thing that would be on top of your mind is what activities to avoid and what to take part during the course of pregnancy. The problem is compounded by the fact that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Hereby are presented some information that would help you to adopt a moderate approach and this is particular in relation to exercise. 

Some of the pregnancy dangerous activities can be avoided with a sense of intuition, but in case of others it is not crystal clear. Hereby let us explore some activities which are something to avoid during the stage of pregnancy

Weight lifting

The general logic is that if you would heavy weights during pregnancy and opt for light ones then you are pretty safe. This would mean the weights are more than enough to undertake numerous moderations. Ensure that even if you rely on light weights, they should not put a vertical strain on your spine. It is suggested that you work with a physical trainer who has experience in dealing with pregnant women and once you reach the last stages of pregnancy taper the weights down as well.


No running is something that you would hear once in a while, but it is not correct. If there is no problem with pregnancy then nothing should stop you from running and it is safe on all counts during the course of pregnancy. But it is suggested that you reduce the intensity along with distance once you approach your due date.


Most of the experts are of the view point that running on all counts is safe during the course of pregnancy.

Amusement parks

If you are a pregnant lady, then it is suggested that you do not visit an amusement park during pregnancy. It is relating to the rides in mind and it has to be one of the dangerous activities during pregnancy. In fact an ideal example of a ride is roller coaster and this is in complete contrast to a toy train that is going to take you all round the place. Do keep in mind that women are more prone to nausea along with morning sickness during the starting stages of pregnancy. The spinning rides should be the last thing on your minds.

Power yoga

This is a form of yoga that needs to be avoided during the course of pregnancy, unless you are a yoga expert who is adept in working with poses. In fact moderate levels of yoga are accepted, and there are special classes dedicated to pregnancy yoga.

No cycling or biking

As is with the case of running, people will ask you not to undertake physical activities during pregnancy. But in reality it is a myth, and it is better to be physically engaged during the course of pregnancy. It should be avoided as long as you have some problems in your pregnancy or are under routine medications as well.

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