Carpet Exporters in India Have Picked Up Momentum

Carpet culture in India is from the Mughal time period; they introduced many Turkish weavers in their palaces for the carpet making. Even though the Mughal dynasty fall down after some period of time but the culture of carpet making got popularized after that. Now you can find Indian industries engaged in carpet making from various states of the country.

Indian carpets are famous in foreign countries as well

Indian carpet popularity is not something which is restricted to India only; it’s widely famous among the foreign countries. Today carpet exporters have shown a great steep in its order, according to the scenario around 61 percent of the export is consisted of Indian rugs only. Indian rugs are famous all over the world and are winning peoples heart; Europe and America are two largest exporters of Indian rugs. The potential growths of these industries are really high because of its magnificent designs, which are attracting people all over the globe.

Separate carpet council is formed by Indian government

For promoting the carpetexporters in India, the government has established a new CEPC which purely works for the growth and development of Indian carpet industry. Carpet export promotion council of India assists the industries in various ways .Some of the work of this council are:

·Identifying the market for carpet industry
·Providing the financial assistance
·Sponsors participation in exhibitions and fairs
·Publicity in foreign market
·Help in marketing

Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and many more states have carpet industry in India.

Types of rugs manufactured

There are several varieties of carpets available which are made up of different materials:

·         Cotton rugs-these are most beautiful design that can be found in rug, made of simple decorative combination of both modern as well as traditional design in it.

·         Modern rugs-modern lifestyle needs to be match up with trendy home d├ęcor option available in market. Modern rugs are serving these needs significantly by the effect of its look

·         Traditional rugs-these rugs carry the texture of ancient times, it’s mainly woven from woolen. The design it carry is unique from any other rug as they are hand weaved

·         Tribal rugs-these designs are copied from the time of nomads, who use to weave their carpets for floor covering. These rugs carry many cross sections dyed and are attached firmly to dual wraps.

Online rugs are available

With the digitalization, these carpets industries are experiencing a great boom in the demand. Many e-commerce sites are selling rugs online to their customers. This platform has given a new growth factor to these industries.

At present the carpet manufacturing industries in India is extending vast by serving all the assorted variety of rugs, which suit their requirement. Rugs are environment friendly and also good for the health as it’s made of extremely fine material. Adding delight in the surrounding and happy pout, such rugs are available online as well as in stores at affordable prices.
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